BAKU: Pakistan always was, is & will be close to Azerbaijan

Azer Tag, Azerbaijan State Info Agency
May 20 2004

[May 20, 2004, 12:48:21]

As informed to AzerTAj from the embassy of Azerbaijan in Pakistan, on
May 17-18 this year, the deputy foreign minister Khalaf Khalafov was
visiting Islamabad. At the meeting, which has been carried out on the
basis of arrangement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, and under
the invitation of the foreign secretary of Pakistan, also there were
representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and economic
development of Azerbaijan.

Within the framework of the visit, Mr. Kh. Khalafov has met the
President of Pakistan general Pervez Musharraf. Before the beginning
of official talk, the head the Pakistani state has stated: “Pakistan
always was, is and will be close to Azerbaijan”. He has noted, that
is always glad to receive the delegation from Azerbaijan, stressed
that attaches special significance to development of relations with
Azerbaijan Republic.

President Pervez Musharraf has emphasized that Pakistani people
always supports fair position of Azerbaijan in the Nagorny Karabakh
problem. The president of Pakistan has explained the uncertainty of
the Nagorny Karabakh conflict, noting that the states of the world do
not take a fair position and approach to the said question from the
position of double standards. The president has emphasized: “Such
states as we, can solve the problems only by amplification of
economy, strengthening of statehood, due to will and determination of
people. He has expressed to the government of Azerbaijan gratitude
for support of the position of Pakistan in the Kashmir question.

The head of Pakistani state has dwelt on the processes proceeding in
the world and has emphasized necessity of development of economic and
trading links between the Islamic countries. The president has noted,
that the big need for revival of the work of OIC and its
transformation into the organization, capable to influence world
policy today is already felt, and, having put forward the idea of
liberal enlightenment, has emphasized, that it first of all pursues
the purpose of expansion of mutual cultural, spiritual, economic,
trading links of 57 countries belonging to the Islamic world.

President Pervez Musharraf has noted, that with impatience waits for
the visit to Azerbaijan, which will take place in the near future.
The head of Pakistani state has stated on existing between his
country and Azerbaijan historically friendly, political relations,
and also has emphasized importance of development of links in
economic and trading sphere. He stressed that during his visit to
Azerbaijan he would discuss ways of expansion of relations in this
area. Upon termination of conversation, general Pervez Musharraf
asked to pass over to the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev the
kind wishes and sincere greetings.

Mr. Khalaf Khalafov has thanked the President of Pakistan for warm
reception, having noted, that the government and people of Azerbaijan
wait for his visit to Baku, that Pakistan was among the first states
which have recognized independence of our country what exactly at
support of Pakistan we have come in the Organization of Islamic
Conference, and also support of Islamabad in the Nagorny Karabakh
problem and adoption of the resolution number 822 during presidency
of Pakistan in the UN Security Council.

The next meeting of the deputy foreign minister of Azerbaijan was
with the chairman of the Senate of Pakistan Muhammadmiam Sumro. At
the meeting, discussed were issues of establishment of cooperation
between parliaments of our countries, activation of work of the
deputy commissions of friendship, mutual visits of chairmen of
parliaments, and also establishment of contacts between the
governmental and non-governmental organizations. Mr. Sumro has
expressed hope, that the visit this year of the Chairman of
Azerbaijan Parliament Murtuz Alaskarov to Pakistan would promote
development of communications between parliaments of our countries.
Kh. Khalafov on behalf of chairman of parliament of Azerbaijan has
invited the chairman of the Senate to Azerbaijan.

Then, Kh. Khalafov has met the foreign secretary of Pakistan Mr. Riaz
Kokar, has discussed ways of expansion of ties between the Ministries
of Foreign Affairs of our countries. R. Kokar has recognized
expedient carrying out before visit of the President of Pakistan to
Azerbaijan sessions of the Azerbaijan-Pakistan joint economic
commission and has suggested the Azerbaijan side to organize such
session some days prior to visit of the President. Besides the
request has been expressed to speed up delivery of the corresponding
license to the Baku branch of the Pakistan national bank, started to
function in Baku several years ago.

The last day of the visit to Islamabad Kh. Khalafov has met the
secretary of the government of Pakistan on financial and economic
affairs Vagar Masud Khan, has discussed questions of revival of work
of the Azerbaijan-Pakistan joint economic commission, development of
economic, trading links between our countries.

The meetings of Kh. Khalafov were broadcast on the Pakistan TV, and
his visit was widely covered in mass media of the country.

At the meetings, attending was the ambassador of Azerbaijan in
Pakistan Eynulla Madatli.