TEHRAN: Iranian Drama to Go on Stage in Armenia

Iranian Drama to Go on Stage in Armenia

Mehr News Agency, Iran
May 17 2004

TEHRAN, May 17 (MNA) — Invited by the Embassy of Armenia in Tehran,
Iranian playwright and director Chista Yasrebi plans to stage her play
“Tale of Stone Women” early August in Armenia.

The play is about two female storytellers quarrelling on which one
tells a story better. The drama combines Iranian myths with modern
storytelling styles.

“Tale of Stone Women” was rejected as an entry by organizers of the
21st Fajr International Drama Festival, which was held in February
2003 in Tehran.

“Armenians are interested in Iranian dramas performed by Iranian
women so they invited us to their country,” Yasrebi said.

Two years ago, Yesrebi was due to stage her “Juggler & Talisman”
in Armenia but she said the Iranian Center for Dramatic Arts would
not cooperate regarding the theater troupes’ journey to Armenia.