BAKU: DM Sarkissian Deems Azerbaijans Offer Unserious

Sarkissian Deems Azerbaijan’s Offer Unserious

Baku Today
May 17 2004

Armenian defence minister Serge Sarkissian said his country is still
sticking to all of its three principles on peaceful resolution of
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Turan reported on Monday, citing Armenia’s
Ayots Ashkhar newspaper.

They principles are; Nagorno-Karabakh in no way can be subordinated to
Baku, it has to have an overland border with Armenia and the region’s
security has to be guaranteed. Sarkissian also called Azerbaijan’s
suggestion to release seven occupied districts in return for opening
of communication lines unserious one, claiming Baku may break its
promise any time.

The defence minister said Armenia is against stage by stage settlement
of the conflict because it could prove to be dangerous for Yerevan.

“The option is dangerous because while the parties can agree in the
first stage, they may not come to an agreement in the second one,”
Sarkissian said.