Situation still tensed in Tsalka

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Situation still tensed in Tsalka

posted: May 14, 2004

The situation is still tensed in the Tsalka region, Georgia. The regional
Prosecutor launched a criminal investigation against the individuals, who
participated in the swoop-on-raids in the villages settled mostly by
Adjarans with the paragraph on hooliganism.

The investigators of the police and the prosecutor’s have been working in
Tsalka for 4 days already, though have not traced down the suspected

The Adjarans, whose houses were raided by the local Armenians, are demanding
punishing of the ruffians.

Nodar Kinkladze, the deputy chief of the Kvemo Kartli regional police, said
that the Armenian population is against the interior forces to stay on the
region, whilst the Adjarans are protesting against the withdrawal of the
military units, threatening they will leave the region.