“Misha, reconcile us!”

Article by: BatumiNews.com
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Civilians from Sokhumi march with slogans: “Misha, reconcile us!”.

posted: May 12, 2004
Individuals of different nationalities from Sokhumi applied to Georgian
President Mikheil Saakashvili with the slogan: “Misha, reconcile us!”.

On the report of the source, close with the government circles, yesterday,
the self- proclaimed Abkhazian Ministry of Interior Affairs and Security
Servicemen detained 16 citizens in the center of Sokhumi, rallying with the
Georgian five – cross state flags and President Saakashvili’s portraits.

The same source said small groups of citizens, gathered in the center of the
city demanded from the Georgian President Saakashvili rapid adjustment of
Georgian – Abkhazian conflict, conciliation of the Abkhazians and Georgians,
also of the civilians, living on the territory of Abkhazia.

The group of 16, mostly Armenians in it, with the slogan: “Misha, reconcile
us!”, were detained by the policemen in the Orakhelashvili street in
Sokhumi, when they were fixing Saakashvili’s portraits on the walls of a
mineral water shop opposite the street and the passers – by started joining
the rally.

Londer Tsaava, Chairman of the Abkhazian Council of Ministers confirmed the
information on the rally in Sokhumi.

The arrested rally participants are presently at the security service
isolator. On the reports, health state of many among them is critical, since
they were batoned by the police.