BAKU: Speech of Aliyev at supreme majlis of Nakhchivan AR.

Azer Tag, Azerbaijan
May 14 2004

[May 14, 2004, 20:30:39]

Dear meeting participants!

Today is the second day of my staying in Nakhchivan. This is my first
visit to Nakhchivan after being elected as President, and what I have
seen today gives me a great pleasure. Great constructive work in
being carried out in Nakhchivan.

Nakhchivan is the land, which is living under very hard conditions.
The indivisible part of Azerbaijan is under blockade. Nakhchivan has
no communication with the greater part of Azerbaijan but airway.
Considering the situation, under the instruction of our esteemed
president, people’s nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev, the
international airport has been built and put into operation here in

The basis for the work done in Nakhchivan within the past years was
laid in early 90s. That was the time when Heydar Aliyev came to
Nakhchivan. The people of the Republic elected him as their leader,
and intensive activity began here. Today, Nakhchivan is experiencing
the period of his revival.

Social and economic showings are very high in Nakhchivan. The
Republic’s GDP is growing from year to year, industrial potential and
local production are also increasing, important social problems are
being solved.

Azerbaijan as a whole is now the rapidly developing country, which
are realizing world-scale economic projects, and whose international
prestige has considerably increased. In other words, Azerbaijan has
strengthened its positions in the region.

A special decree has been issued recently to intensify social and
economic development in Azerbaijan, At the same time, the state
program on development of Azerbaijan’s provinces has been adopted.
However, opening of several works here during these two days shows
that the program has been launched in the Autonomous republic much

One of the main problems of Nakhchivan is electricity supply. In this
connection, we are going to realize new projects to fully satisfy the
Republic’s needs in electric power. Gas supply is also on the agenda.
If Nakhchivan and the rest of Azerbaijan had communicated, there
would not be a problem to supply gas to the Republic. So, we are
searching for other ways to solve the problem. I hope we will achieve
the goal.

Although our economy is built on market base, the greater part of our
budget is spent on solving social problems. It indicates that solving
these problems, in other words, showing concern about people, is a
focus of attention. However, there are still a lot of people in
Azerbaijan whose living conditions are very hard: refugees and
displaced people. Measures for improvement the situation are in
progress. You know that on the initiative of our nationwide leader
Heydar Aliyev, $70 mln were allotted from the state Oil Fund for
construction of modern houses, apartment buildings and settlements
for them. And they have already been constructed in several regions,
and this course will be continued.

However, this is not a resolution of the problem. It may be
considered as solved when Armenian armed forces are withdrawn from
our lands and the refugees and IDPs return to their native places.
Huge efforts have been taken in this sphere, and I hope it will
manage to reach fair peace treaty based on the international legal

We support peaceful settlement of the conflict, but at the same time
we must be ready to solve the problem at any moment resorting to
other methods. Economic potential of Azerbaijan is increasing from
year to year, and the country is getting stronger. I am sure the
Azerbaijani lands will be released, and its territorial integrity

Dear friends!

I know and you know how much Heydar Aliyev wanted to see the results
of the projects he once initiated here, and to attend their openings.
Unfortunately, it turned out to be impossible for him to see that.

I also know that sometimes people need consolation. He saw that his
work was continued, that his creation – independent Azerbaijan – was
living following his path. He saw his people supported his policy.
The duty of ours is to continue Heydar Aliyev’s policy, and move the
country ahead.

Accept again my greetings and best wishes for your new successes, new
victories, good health and happiness.

Thank you,

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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