ANKARA: Religious Leaders Meet in Mardin for Peace

Religious Leaders Meet in Mardin for Peace

Zaman, Turkey
May 13 2004

The second International Symposium of Religions and Peace in the
Light of the Common Ancestor (Abraham) (Harran Meetings), organized by
Intercultural Dialogue Platform of Journalists and Authors Foundation
(JAF), begins in Mardin today.

The conference, which is supported by the Ministry of Culture and
Tourism, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Governorship of Mardin
and Mardin Education Foundation (MAREV), will be held in the Qasimiye
(Qasimiyya) Madrasa. Topics such as “Peace in Abraham’s Message”,
“Peace in the Abrahamic Tradition”, “Heroes of Peace in the Three
Heavenly Religions”, “The Place of the Abrahamic Message in the
Future World” will be discussed over four sessions. 28 academics and
11 religious leaders from Germany, the US, Sweden, England, Italy,
France and Turkey will participate in the symposium.

After an opening ceremony at 09:30 by the Intercultural Dialogue
Platform, the Kirklar Church, Mardin Ulu Mosque, Hatuniya Madrasah
-in which the footprint of the Prophet Muhammad exists- and the Tombs
of Sitti Radviye and her son Qutbettin Ilgazi will be visited as part
of the symposium.

The Deyrulzaferan Monastery, and the monasteries of Mor Gabriel in
the Midyat district and Mor Yaqub in the Nusaybin district as well as
Hasankeyf will also be visited. The program in Mardin will conclude
with a visit to the tomb and Mosque of Zeynel Abidin. The participants
will then come to Istanbul to complete the symposium.

Vice-Director of Religious Affairs Muhammet Sevki Aydin, Istanbul
Mufti Dr. Mustafa Cagrici, Istanbul Greek Orthodox Patriarch
Bartholomeos, Turkey Armenians Patriarch Mesrob II, Turkey Jewish
Chief Rabbi Rav. Ishak Haleva, Roman Catholic Apostolic Vicar in
Istanbul Monsignor Georges Marovitch, Latin Catholic Congregation
Spiritual Leader Monsignor Louis Pelatre, Assyrian Orthodox Community
Metropolit Filksinos Yusuf Cetin and Assyrian Catholic Community
Patriarchal Vicar Chorbishop Yusuf Sag are expected to participate
in the symposium whose Project Scientific Coordinator is Dr. Bekir
Karliga. The first of the International Symposia of Religions and
Peace in the Light of the Common Ancestor Abraham (Harran Meetings)
were held in the Harran district of Sanliurfa – the place of birth of
the Prophet Abraham- between April 13 and 16, 2000. 44 theologians,
academics and journalists had joined the Abraham Symposium.


05.13.2004 Mustafa Ozge

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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