Karabakh Separatists Warn Against “Unbalanced Support” For Regional


Mediamax news agency
12 May 04

Yerevan, 12 May: The Nagornyy Karabakh Republic (NKR) Foreign Ministry
has issued a statement in connection with the 10th anniversary of
the cease-fire in the conflict zone.

According to Mediamax news agency, the statement particularly reads:

“The cease-fire agreement concluded between Nagornyy Karabakh,
Azerbaijan and Armenia with the mediatory efforts of the Russian
Federation came into force on 12 May 1994. The NKR Foreign Ministry
views the signing of this agreement as one of the serious achievements
in the process of the Nagornyy Karabakh settlement. The legalization
and preservation of the cease-fire for 10 years became possible
because all three conflicting sides took equal responsibility for
ending military operations”.

The NKR Foreign Ministry statement emphasizes that “the observance
of the cease-fire regime without the involvement of international
peacekeepers testifies to the fact that the sides have potential
required for transforming the cease-fire into a lasting peace”.

At the same time, “the NKR Foreign Ministry believes that the
cease-fire regime is first of all due to the current political-military
balance of forces in the conflict zone.”

“In this connection, we draw the attention of all the interested states
and organizations to the circumstance that any unbalanced support
for the countries of the region is fraught with a violation of the
established balance and may seriously destabilize the situation in
the whole of the South Caucasus. The NKR Foreign Ministry confirms
once again that the NKR authorities adhere to the cease-fire regime
and are ready to settle the conflict with Azerbaijan exclusively in
a peaceful way,” the NKR Foreign Ministry statement reads.