Israeli Expert in Remote Village of Aygut

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Press Release


An Israeli Expert in the Remote Village of Aygut

Sunday, May 09 – Armenia Tree Project (ATP) and Satsil NGO organized
a seminar on potato growing in Aygut Village, Gegharkounik Marz. The
seminar was conducted by Mr. Gadi Moses, an Israeli expert in potato
growing technologies representing ECOTEX Ltd. Mr. Moses visited Armenia
as a guest of Satsil NGO in framework of an agricultural consulting
assistance project in the South Caucasus conducted by the Israeli
Ministry of Agriculture.

Since 2002 ATP has been implementing a Village Economic Development
program in the Getik River valley where Aygut is situated. In this
program of sustainable mountainous development, ATP partners with
the villagers and with other international and local organizations to
combat the linked problems of poverty and natural resource degradation.
Among the contributors to date are USDA/MAP, World Food Program,
Heifer International, Project Harmony, ORRAN, Boghosian Education
Center, and Satsil.

The seminar started with an overview of potato growing techniques
employed by Aygut farmers, most of whom fled from Azerbaijan as
refugees fifteen years ago. After learning about the problems villagers
are currently facing in potato growing, Mr. Moses presented practical
solutions to them and shared the Israeli farmers’ experience. The
presentation lasted for over three hours. “You have the best soil in
the world: with a bit of learning you could multiply your yield”,
Mr. Moses encouraged the listeners. With consulting experience in
almost 40 countries around the world, Mr. Moses managed to enter into
a dialogue with the villagers and assess their problems in a very
practical way. The topics covered at the seminar included fertilizers
used in potato growing, planting techniques (optimal distance between
seed nests, planting depth, density, etc.). The community members
were active in asking questions, particularly addressing maximizing
yield and problems connected with different species of potatos.

For further information, please contact Karen Sarkavagyan at the
Armenia Tree Project, phone numbers 569910 and 553069, E-mail
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The Armenia Tree Project was founded in 1994 during Armenia’s darkest
and coldest years with the vision of securing Armenia’s future
by protecting Armenia’s environment. Funded by contributions from
Diasporan Armenians, ATP has planted and rejuvenated over 500,000
trees at more than 450 sites ranging from Gumri to Goris.