BAKU: Jailed Azeri officer’s case to be handed to Hungarian prosecut

BAKU: Jailed Azeri officer’s case to be handed to Hungarian prosecutor

ANS TV, Baku
10 May 04

[Presenter] An investigation into the case of the Azerbaijani officer
Ramil Safarov, jailed in Budapest, has ended. Lawyer Adil Ismayilov
and ombudsman Elmira Suleymanova met him today.

[Correspondent over video of Safarov’s photo] The investigation into
the case of Azerbaijani officer Ramil Safarov charged with killing
Armenian officer Gurgen Markaryan ended today. In an interview with
ANS, lawyer Adil Ismayilov, who is in Budapest because of the case,
said that the investigation material would be handed over to a
prosecutor after he familiarized himself with them. Ismayilov said
that they would appeal to the prosecutor over two issues.

[Ismayilov, on the phone] Ramil said that he wanted an Azerbaijani
interpreter. [Sentence indistinct] They wanted us to inform the
prosecutor of this.

[Correspondent over video of Ismayilov speaking] Ismayilov said the
issue had not been resolved yet. He added that another unresolved
issue was his participation in the trial. This appeal had not been
responded to either. However, the Hungarian ombudsman promised to
help them in this issue. Let us recall that Ismayilov and Azerbaijani
ombudsman Elmira Suleymanova today visited Safarov.

[Ismayilov, on the phone] Elmira xanim [form of address] and I visited
the prison with the assistance of the Hungarian ombudsman. Our meeting
lasted for about an hour. He is in good health. His moral state is
good. He feels better. He has no problem with [word indistinct]

[Correspondent, over video] According to Ismayilov, it is not known
precisely when the trial will be held. Ismayilov said that Hungarian
lawyer Peter Zalay was familiarizing himself with the case.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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