Strengthening victory

Strengthening victory

7 May 04

On May 9 we have another celebration of the victory. Today the Artsakh
war has passed o the legal field. The ultimate resolution depends on
the unity of our nation and elimination of barriers.

Today all the political forces should have in the agenda the
repopulation an strengthening of Artsakh. Land belongs to those who
live on it.

The 29th Congress of ARF Dashnaktsutiun has made the following
statements on Artsakh:

NKR (Nagorno-Karabagh Republic), being vitally connected with Armenia,
is characterized by the following aspects:

1. NKR pursues the goal of its legal recognition, has in the home
policy the issue of formulating the liberated territories and general

2. NKR faces the issue of forming political field.

3. NKR, together with statehood building, is ready to implement
investment projects and use opportunities of economic development.

Discussing the issue of ARF role in national, political, and
social life of Artsakh, the ARF 29th Congress adopted the following

1. To forward the goals of Artsakh in foreign and home fronts. In our
steps we should issue from the guarantees of the security of Artsakh.

2. The international recognition of NKR is way for reunion with

3. To join the efforts of Armenia and the Diaspora to keep the issue
of Artsakh in frames of national self-determination mainly opposing
to Azerbaijani efforts of presenting the situation as a territorial
pretension conflict.

4. The state and society of Artsakh are defying the social, economic,
and political challenges. Consistent work must be done for reduction
of poverty, economic growth, and formation of political field.

5. To fight corruption, monopolies, and social injustice.

6. To use all means for promoting repopulation and reconstruction
of Artsakh.

ARF 29th General Congress, February 2004