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The Armenian Medical Association together with Union of Neurologists of
Armenia, Armenian Medical Union of France and FARFAA Salzburg Medical
Seminars Program organized a Neurology Seminar on Advances in Stroke
Management. The seminar was organized with general sponsorship of
GlaxoSmithKline and sponsorship of Nycomed The seminar took place
on April 29-30 in Yerevan and on May 3 in Stepanakert. About 200
doctors (neurologists, cardiologists, reanimatologists, and vascular
surgeons) from different regions of Armenia, as well as from Artsakh,
participated in the seminar.

The co-chairmen of the symposium were the president of Union of
Neurologists of Armenia, head of Neurology Department of Yerevan
State Medical University prof. Vahagn Darbinyan and a prominent
angioneurologist, professor of Claude Bernard University of Lyon,
Norbert Nigoghossian. The seminar was also attended by Dr. Marine
Tanashyan, deputy director of Stroke Research Scientific Center of
Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Institute of Neurology.

At the seminar, various interesting presentations were made
on stroke epidemilogy (by Dr. L. Gimoyan), prevention (by
prof. N. Nigoghossian) and risk factors (by Dr. P. Zelveian), diagnosis
(by prof. N. Nigoghossian) and management (by prof. N. Nigoghossian,
Dr. M. Tanashyan, prof. V. Darbinyan), angioneurology service
organization in Armenia (by prof. G. Bakunts).

The goal of the seminar was to present to doctors of Armenia and
Artsakh the latest information and to organize discussion on the
topics mentioned, as well as to provide background for creating
a Stroke Working Group in Armenia to address the vital issues of
stroke prevention. All the participants had the opportunity to fill
in and present a Statement of Interest where they could express their
interest in being involved in the Working Group activities and specify
the stroke-related field they would be interested to work in.

On May 1 a meeting of Armenian Medical Association and Union of
Neurologists of Armenia was held, at which the questions concerning
the establishment and activities of the Stroke Working Group were
discussed. Creation and maintaining of Armenian Stroke Register was
defined the main priority of the Working Group. It was decided to
include neurologists and cardiologists, as well as Public Health
specialists, in the group.

On May 3, a one-day seminar took place in
Stepanakert. Prof. Nigoghossian visited the central hospital of
Stepanakert, as well as hospitals of Shushi and Goris. After the end
of the seminar, prof. Nigoghossian said he will provide Armenian
doctors with a report analyzing the situation of angioneurologic
service in Armenia, for better organization of the activities of
Stroke Working Group.

The seminar was positively evaluated by participants and organizing
committee, due to high level of presentations, interesting discussions
and established connections. We hope the work started will be
continuous in the future and bring good results in preventing the
highly mortal and debilitating disease.