“We Must Not Tolerate it Any Longer”

A1 Plus | 18:21:29 | 06-05-2004 | Politics |


Discussion on “Inner Political Resistance in Armenia: Reasons and Ways Out”
took place with participation of the representatives of various political
powers. National civil initiative headed by the first Armenian Foreign
Minister Raffi Hovhannissyan resumed the series of discussions over the
issues interesting the Armenians.

“We demand the world to stop blockade while we block ourselves in our
state”, Hovhannissyan says. According to him, it’s impossible to continue
this way, we must not tolerate that a 23-year-old girl in a party office is
tortured by policemen under the threat of rape for political convictions in
our state.

“Welcoming the different stages of dialogues and contacts, I think, however,
the matter is between the President and the national situation”, Raffi
Hovhannissyan says.

He says everything must be done to establish a stable democracy in Armenia.