Clash in Akhalqalaq

A1 Plus | 13:49:46 | 06-05-2004 | Politics |


On May 4 collision occurred in Azmana village of Akhalqalaq. Adzharian
villagers of Azmana being provoked by Georgian Misha Natenadze residing in
the same village threw stones at the Armenian villagers. Then an attempt was
made to bring about 50 young Adzharians from the neighboring Aspindza
District to involve them in the conflict.

But the Armenian young people having arrived from Armenian villages of
Akhalqalaq frightened the Adzharians from Aspindza who left Akhalqalaq

Adzharians of Azmana hurled stones at Akhalqalaq District policemen who had
arrived at the scene, too. To relax tension Nikoloz Nikolozashvili, Georgian
President’s envoy extraordinary in Samtckhe-Javakhq, arrived in Akhalqalaq.
The local leadership and he managed to alleviate tension and to reconcile
the sides.

The Armenian part made concessions since the accident was just an attempt to
cause an armed conflict between the Armenians and the Adzharians.