Bush names three new U.S. envoys

Washington Times
May 6 2004

Bush names three new U.S. envoys

Washington, DC, May. 6 (UPI) — The selection of new U.S. ambassadors
to Thailand, Armenia and the Bahamas was announced by the White House

The president has picked Ralph Boyce to be the new U.S.
representative to the Kingdom of Thailand. A career member of the
U.S. senior foreign service, Boyce is currently the U.S. ambassador
to the Republic of Indonesia.

For the U.S. embassy in Armenia, President Bush has nominated John
Evans, another career member of the U.S. foreign service and
currently the director of the Office of Russian Affairs at the U.S.
Department of State.

The president has selected Floridian John D. Root to be the new U.S.
ambassador to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Root is currently
chairman of the Jacksonville, Fla.-based Vestcor Companies that he
founded in 1983 and which develops multifamily rental and condominium
communities and controls a real estate investment portfolio.

All three nominations require confirmation by the U.S. Senate before
they may take effect.