Sevan Wanting Water

A1 Plus | 18:23:43 | 30-04-2004 | Social |


“During 70 years Sevan Lake water level reduced by 41%”, Boris Gabrielyan,
Vice-Director of Hydro-Ecology Institute of National Academy of Sciences,
said during the seminar on ecology held be OSCE Yerevan Office. {BR}

According to him, water decrease influenced on ecosystem of Sevan Lake. In
particular, the aboriginal fish – koghak, ishkhan and beghlu face the danger
to disappear completely. He says the water quality and level are the reason
of it.

Armenian Authorities announce they are going to raise Sevan water level by 2
meters whereas the ecologists demand to increase it by 6 meters at least.

Karine Danielyan, “For Stable Development” Association Chair, thinks one
must give ‘the oligarchs possessing establishments’ on Sevan beach to
understand that they will suffer in both cases if hindering increase of
water level. “If they worry that their properties might appear under water,
they must realize that Sevan eutrophication will continue”, she explained.