Armenian Opposition MPs Pleased with Council of Europe’s Attention


A1+ TV web site, Yerevan
30 Apr 04

Armenian opposition MPs in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council
of Europe (PACE), Shavarsh Kocharyan and Artashes Gegamyan, met
Council of Europe Secretary-General Walter Schwimmer today.

Shavarsh Kocharyan believes that this circumstance is unprecedented:
“This shows how seriously the European structures take the Armenian
issue and how resolute they are. We also had a meeting with (PACE
President Peter) Schieder, and all groups and political forces have a
great interest (as published). This position shows that Armenia is
facing a choice: we will either become a full member of Europe or have
problems. The main thing is that problems are not created by the
Armenian people who are ready to live according to European
standards. They are created by people in power who are ready to make
Armenia a backward country for the sake of their posts.”

Artashes Gegamyan said: “Of course, neither the Armenian authorities
nor our centuries-old ‘friends’ like these discussions. Only real
friends of Armenia are interested in establishing democratic norms in
the country. The well-known Biblical principle is working here – ‘but
blessed are your eyes, for they see’. Europe has seen what has been
going on in Armenia over the last two or three months.
From: Baghdasarian