State-Ordered Terror in Justice-Starving Republic

A1 Plus | 17:40:06 | 23-04-2004 | Politics |


On Friday, human rights activist and the Armenian Helsinki Association head
Mikael Danielyan, who was severely beaten three weeks ago, speaking at a
news conference in Yerevan, called the assault on him as a state order and
state terror.

Danielyan told journalists despite president Kocharyan’s instruction to
trace the offenders, the case investigator had visited him in the hospital
when he couldn’t even speak and his next visit had come two weeks later. The
investigator brought with him a forensic expert, which had nothing to do, as
all trace of violence had almost disappeared.

Mikael Danielyan is convinced neither perpetrators nor masterminds of the
assault to be tracked down and prosecuted.

Speaking on Wednesday’s attack on Socialist Forces leader Ashot Manucharyan
after his article published in Golos Armenii newspaper, Danielyan said those
daring to criticize somebody in government-leaning press, should stay
indoors to avoid beating.

Michael Danielyan said contrary to the authorities attempt to intimidate
him, he remains committed to continue his human rights activist mission of
keeping the world in touch with all illegalities in Armenia, including
illegal arrests, violence against journalists and human rights activists,
committed with impunity.