Putin Praises Kazakh Forum For Uniting Eurasian Media


Interfax-Kazakhstan news agency
22 Apr 04

Almaty, 22 April: Russian President Vladimir Putin has greeted those
attending the third Eurasian Media Forum, which opened in Almaty

“Your authoritative association makes a remarkable contribution to
developing dialogue between the representatives of the media on the
(Eurasian) continent,” Putin noted in his message, the text of which
was read out before those present at the forum by Russian Ambassador
to Kazakhstan Vladimir Babichev.

“Such topical issues as humanitarian cooperation, forming a common
information space and the role of the media in modern global and
regional processes are in the centre of the forum’s attention,” the
head of the Russian state noted.

He also underlined the importance of discussing such issues at the
scheduled media forum as “bringing together the journalistic
profession to counter international terrorism, extremism and drug

“Today, this joint work has very topical significance. I wish you
success,” Putin noted in his message.

OSCE Secretary-General Jan Kubis, Secretary-General of the Eurasian
Economic Community Grigoriy Rapota and the former Armenian prime
minister, Armen Sarkisyan, who attended the first Eurasian Media
Forum, also greeted from the rostrum those attending the Eurasian
Media Forum.

A video address by Prince Hasan Bin-Talal of Jordan was also shown to
the participants in the forum.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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