Armenian exports on a steady rise

April 22 2004


YEREVAN, APRIL 22, ARMENPRESS: Kenneth Munther, the European
Director of the Armenian-European Policy and Legal Advice Center
(AEPLAC), told a second presentation of Armenian Trade Relations with
EU and Trade Promoting Legal Regime on Wednesday that bilateral trade
between Armenia and EU is a good tool and an additional basis to make
relations closer.
According to AEPLAC experts, the average growth of Armenian
exports in the last four years have amounted to $55.5 million, an
unprecedented growth in the overall GDP growth. The Armenian director
of AEPLAC, Tigran Jrbashian, said the list of Armenian goods,
exported to other countries has doubled since 1997, however the major
exports are cut diamonds. He said developed countries have become
Armenia’s main trade partners. The volume of Armenia’s trade with
such countries in 1995 constituted only 29 percent in the overall
trade volume, in 2003 it reached 57 percent. He said the aggregate
trade with such countries increased 4 times in the last years.
According to him, the foreign trade growth in the first quarter of
2004 was 34. percent, about 30 percent more than in the same time
period of last year.