No new cattle plug cases reported

April 21 2004


YEREVAN, APRIL 21, ARMENPRESS: Armenian authorities said today the
number of cattle which reportedly died of anthrax in the village of
Aygebats in Shirak province was 38. Earlier they said some 54 cattle
died of the disease. Veterinary experts probing into the case say
they are not sure the cattle plug was caused by anthrax, admitting
however, that the disease has some anthrax symptoms. They said one of
the theories of the cattle plug is that they were not vaccinated as
prescribed. Armenian veterinaries have been studying the case for
three days to make their final diagnosis, testing also the vaccines
in question on guinea pigs.
The first cases were reported on April 19 after some 700 cows in
the village had been vaccinated against anthrax. The condition of the
rest of the herd is said now to be normal. Concurrently the entire
population of the village was examined and nothing was found that may
pose danger to their health. Authorities denied rumors that part of
meat of the died cattle was taken out for sale.
The government has promised money compensations for owners of the
died cattle.