“Rescue Of Nation” Ready for Violence

A1 Plus | 15:57:36 | 20-04-2004 | Politics |


“We are ready to resort to even violence to get rid of these Authorities”,
Sargis Karapetyan, Chair of “Rescue of Nation” newly-established Party
announced at the press conference. {BR}

He assured their party will save Armenian people from treacherous
Authorities within 3 months. “If hotels, casinos become more in our state,
it means our state is very rich. The task is to return people what has
always belonged to them”.

Mr Karapetyan is sure Armenia now needs new apostles since no mortal is able
to take people out of crisis. Karapetyan said he’s ready to undertake the
role and announced all their supporters – the fighters of Artsakh War will
struggle till the present regime leaves. “We have toured all over Armenia
and concluded the only wish of our people is to get rid of the Authorities”.

Sargis Karapetyan said his party won’t cooperate or join any other one. “In
2001 I was eliminated from ARF for my policy against Authorities. Now I am
the Chair of the Party, which will fight for rescue of the nation”.