MP Assadourian to Canadian House of Commons

Office of Sarkis Assadourian M.P.
120 Confederation
House of Commons, Ottawa, Canada
Contact: Daniel Kennedy
Tel: 613 995 4843

Re: M-380 Armenian Genocide
89 Years later…
“Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”

Dear Colleague: April 20, 2004

As a Member of Parliament who’s ancestors were victims of the Armenian
Genocide I urge you to support and vote for M-380, calling on the House
of Commons to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and condemn this
act as a crime against humanity.

The recognition of the Genocide of 1915 perpetrated by the Ottoman
Empire in pre Ata Turk Turkey, will serve to bring the Canadian-Armenian
and the Canadian-Turkish communities together rather than serve to push
them apart. Denial does not lead to healing, recognition and
co-operation does.

Recognition of the historical events after 89 years will show how the
two communities have adjusted to the realities of history and have
co-operated to move beyond. “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

The argument that recognition of M-380 will have a detrimental effect on
trade between Canada and Turkey is false. Many nations including France
and Switzerland have already recognized the Genocide with no detrimental
economic effects. In Canada, the Ontario and Quebec legislatures have
already granted official recognition to the reality of the Armenian
Genocide. (The Province of Quebec has officially declared April 24 as
Armenian Genocide Day)

Although my family were victims of Genocide and deportation my belief in
this issue lies with the importance of recognizing historical fact and
taking the steps for the healing process to take hold. Genocide, the
ultimate act of inhumanity is one of mankind’s most terrible legacies,
only by recognizing and remembering this most horrible crime can we
build a better future for Armenians, Turks and all humanity.

If you in good conscience cannot support M-380, I humbly ask you in a
non-partisan manner to abstain from the vote.

Sarkis Assadourian, M.P.

“After all, who today remembers the Armenians”
( Adolph Hitler, Germany, August 1939)