Dalma Gardens Will Be Seized

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Dalma Gardens’ renters have today assembled at Municipality again. Their
problem is not settled, the territories will be taken away and the tenants
demand to prolong the contracts by 25 years.

Karen Davtyan, head of Department Real Estate Management of Municipality,
says there is a special decision of Government under which a part of gardens
is to remain as a green area and the rest will serve other purposes.

Mr Davtyan informed they follow the above decision. “Policemen have come
today with tractors to destroy our green territories”, renter Azat
Khachatryan says. Then they left warning to raze the green zones if the
appropriate decision wasn’t produced the next day.

“No Court accepts any document on Dalma Gardens to launch legal
proceedings”, renter Yntsa Hovhannissyan says.

Tenants assure policemen have today blocked the roads to Leningradyan street
and Hrazdan Sport Complex to hamper the renters to come to their gardens.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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