Work with specialists is also important

Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
April 16 2004


The failure of the reforms made in the system of education in the past
decade were, perhaps, conditioned by the fact that these reforms were
the result of the political views of their authors, which turned
hollow in the course of time. Another cause of the non-correct policy
in secondary education was that the public opinion was not taken into
account, the cadres were not prepared and the reforms turned to be
artificial therefore did not stand the trial of the time. Despite
being in the same sphere with the educational system of the Republic
of Armenia, the system of education in Artsakh was able, fortunately,
to avoid major shocks. However, clinging to the traditional and
neglecting the new actualities means not looking ahead. And, on the
other hand, copying the new neglecting the traditional means starting
everything from the zero point. To imagine the school of the future
with the status of a soviet school, as most of our teachers do, is not
correct. Of course, we should adopt the best features of the soviet
school but taking into consideration the new actualities of the
world. The NKR Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport adopted a
policy which can be characterized as condensation of the best
traditions of the past at the same time implanting novelties. And this
is not so easy a process. It is possible only due to consistent work
with the specialists. According to minister Armen Sarghissian, to
implement any reform three important points are necessary: a clear-cut
program, funding and cadres. According to the minister, if the first
two are technical matters and sooner or later will be solved, the
third is more difficult to solve; the revolution should be done first
of all in their consciousness. And it turns out that it is several
times easier to carry out technical changes than spiritual. To convey
the national and local peculiarities of the new policy the ministry
pays regular visits to the regions of the republic. On April 15, 2004
the minister visited the schools of the regions of Martouni. He was
accompanied by the head of the department of education and science
A. Tovmassian, the head of the regional administration
M. Hovhannissian, the head of the department of education, culture and
sport of the regional administration S. Petrossian. One of the best
traditions of the past is providing the succession of
generations. Today this problem also exists at schools, and one of the
cornerstones of the policy of the ministry is using the experience of
the senior generation of teachers by way of their direct participation
in the school life.