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Armenian opposition plans new rally
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16.04.2004 08:52:00 GMT

Yerevan. (Interfax) – Opposition groups in Armenia plan to stage a new rally
in the center of the capital city, Yerevan, on Friday to press to have
the government replaced.

The rally will be held even if City Hall does not authorize it, Stepan
Demirchian, the leader of the opposition Justice bloc, has told

“The opposition has not been broken and intends to continue fighting
to have the government in Armenia replaced,” he said.

Confrontation between the opposition, which is demanding the
resignation of President Robert Kocharian, and the authorities has
come to a head over the past few days. The opposition is boycotting
parliament sessions and pressing for a referendum on confidence in the
authorities. It has staged several large rallies. The police dispersed
a rally outside the presidential residence early on April 13. The
authorities have banned all unauthorized mass rallies in Yerevan.