Meeting with NKR President


Azat Artsakh–Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR)

The problems of cooperation of the Armenian General Benevolent Union
(AGBU) and Nagorni Karabakh were discussed at the meeting of the NKR
president Arkady Ghukassian, head of the organization Perj Sedrakian
and the Armenia representative of the AGBU Ashot Ghazarian. At the
meeting with the participation of the NKR prime minister Anoushavan
Danielian and the minister of foreign affairs Ashot Ghulian a wide
range of problems related to the future improvement of Artsakh and
development of the social and economic spheres were discussed. Mr.
Sedrakian pointed out the importance of the special attitude of the
Diaspora charity organizations, as well as the union headed by him. He
said that his organization is willing to assist to the implementation
of a number of social and economic programs. In his turn Arkady
Ghukassian thanked the direction of the AGBU for constant attention
towards the problems of Artsakh and especially for their active
participation in telethons. Referring to the definite spheres of
cooperation the president proposed to the AGBU to study the
possibility of modernizing the health care system and assisting to the
construction of the new building of the Stepanakert republic
hospital. At the end of the meeting the head of the state expressed
hope that the cooperation NKR-AGBU will be permanent.