Armenia IT Day Supposed to be Held in Silicon Valley


YEREVAN, APRIL 14, ARMENPRESS: Armenia-based branches of several US
IT companies have given their preliminary consent to organize “the
Armenian ITDay” at the famous Silicon Valley in California, which they
hope will be attended by representatives of the leading US IT
companies. The showcase of Armenia-based companies’ products is
supposed to give a full picture of thepresent day Armenian IT sector,
its successes, achievements and potential.

The related expenses are supposed to be covered by Yerevan branches
of Viaspher Technopark, Virage Logic, Leda Systems and other US
companies which have their subsidiaries in Armenia.

Armen Grigorian, the secretary of an IT development council,
affiliated with the prime minister, said a set of amendments will be
sent to parliament’s approval aimed at further improvement of the
related legislation, particularly, some of the amendments have been
developed to liberalize the communications sector. Also Viaspher
Technopark has drafted a bill on free economic zones and performance
of technoparks, which he said will be soon discussed by the government
and sent to parliament.

According to Grigorian, the IT sector has been steadily growing
at20 percent annually. The amount of some 120 companies’ income,
remaining in Armenia is around $50 million. Half of this income is
made by companies running on Armenian capital only and the other part
by companies with US capital. US branches pay all obligatory payments.