Stepan Demirchyan Talking to Journalists

A1 Plus | 17:38:05 | 13-04-2004 | Politics |


“Unfortunately, our community is ill-informed about the night events. Even
many journalists are absolutely unaware of what happened”, said People Party
leader Stepan Demirchyan.

He denounced assault on marchers as crime against Armenian people. The key
criminal is who ordered outrages against civilian population.

Commenting on the police officials’ statement accusing demonstrators of
provoking violence from the law enforcement, the party leader said it was a
complete lie and conspiracy against people who were singing, dancing and
showed no signs of aggressiveness.

“We have irrefutable evidence that pointed objects were thrown on pavement
after the outrageous events in an apparent attempt to accuse the opposition
of plotting a coup”, Demirchyan said.

He told journalists the opposition would keep them in touch with its further