Antelias: Thousands of Armenians celebrate the Easter in Antelias

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Thousands of Armenians celebrate the Easter in Antelias

It was a special day in Antelias at the headquarters of the Armenian
Catholicosate of Cilicia on the Easter Sunday 11 April 2004. Thousands of
people attended the Eucharistic celebration at the cathedral in Antelias.
The Eucharist was celebrated by His Holiness Aram I.

In his sermon, His Holiness described the Easter as the celebration of life.
“Through His Cross Jesus conquered the death and gave us abundant life. The
God given life in Christ is a quality of life that generates service,
humility and commitment. Therefore, we must perceive and practice our life
in a way that makes the Gospel massage a living reality in our lives”.

Speaking about the Armenian Church and communities, His Holiness emphasized
the crucial importance of collaboration: “One-sided approaches will always
create internal tensions in our communities. Bias attitude will create more
and more problems. What we need is sincere and comprehensive collaboration
engaging all our organizations and active forces. We must also continue
supporting Armenia, our homeland. Nowadays, Armenia is facing tremendous
problems. It is my prayer and firm expectation that opposition and
government initiate a process of dialogue reaching a mutually acceptable
consensus. This is the only way to take the country out of the prevailing
stagnation and uncertainty” concluded His Holiness.


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