Official Urges Opposition to End “Undesirable Political Processes”

Armenian official urges opposition to end “undesirable political processes”

12 Apr 04


The Armenian opposition should do everything possible to cut short
undesirable political processes or slow them down, Artashes Tumanyan,
head of the Armenian presidential administration, has said in an
interview with Armenian Public TV.

The opposition should not refuse to do legislative work. Although in a
political minority, it should try “to push through” certain bills. It
would be normal and civilized for the opposition to act so, Tumanyan
said. He disagreed with the view that the opposition had no other way
out but boycott the parliament sessions.

Speaking about the main opposition demands, he explained the first
point by a less than perfect electoral system. It is no secret that
since 1995 all the elections in Armenia have been “vulnerable” due to
various reasons. Until now, no amendments were made to the electoral
system, and here lies a broad area for the legislative activities. But
for reasons unknown, the opposition is not debating that despite the
fact that the views of the president and the coalition often coincide
with the initiatives put forward by the opposition. The latter had
repeatedly spoken about its readiness for dialogue.

The paucity of the opposition MPs does not mean at all that any
proposals by the opposition will be rejected, Tumanyan said.
From: Baghdasarian