Armenian opposition calls for meeting with speaker

Armenian opposition calls for meeting with speaker

Mediamax news agency
12 Apr 04


Police have blocked several demonstrators on Bagramyan Avenue outside
the National Assembly, 200 metres away from the building of the
Armenian presidential administration.

Bagramyan Avenue was blocked by the double line of barbed wire and
police units with water cannons.

The opposition is now holding a rally outside the Armenian National
Assembly. The leader of the opposition National Unity Party, Artashes
Gegamyan, called on the police to abstain from any actions against the

Viktor Dallakyan, an MP from the Justice bloc of the Armenian National
Assembly, voiced the opposition’s demands. First, he said several
opposition MPs should be given an opportunity to meet “the state’s
second person” – Speaker Artur Bagdasaryan. Dallakyan said that “we
want to invite him here for him to address his nation”.

Second, the deputy said, the opposition wants a meeting with Police
Chief Ayk Arutyunyan “who fulfilled the authorities’ illegal order and
blocked our way”. Moreover, Viktor Dallakyan said, “we urge all TV
channels of the country to make it possible for us to go live on air”.

The opposition did not specify the kind of actions it would resort to
if the above demands were not met.

The law enforcers, who are blocking the protesters way on Bagramyan
Avenue, are not using force.