BAKU: Azeri FM speaks of Karabakh before Prague meeting

Azeri foreign minister speaks of Karabakh before Prague meeting

Baku Today
13/04/2004 13:15

Azerbaijani and Armenian foreign ministers are planning to meet on
April 26, 2004 in Prague. Azeri foreign minister Elmar Mammadyarov
said, the meeting will be of acquaintanceship character. Azeri stance
over Karabakh conflict is clear, said Mammadyarov , Azerbaijan will
not agree nether to independent state status of Karabakh or to
Karabakh being the part of Armenia. New proposals of the OSCE Minsk
group for the settlement of the conflict must base on these
principles, he said. Mammadyarov said, Minsk group’s position does
not satisfy Azerbaijan as the group says the two conflicting parties
have to reach agreement between them and then the group will accept
the concluded agreement.

The solution of the conflict is the priority area in the affairs of
the foreign ministry, he said, adding the speediest peaceful
settlement of the conflict might eliminate the security threats to the
South Caucasus and have huge impact on the economies of the nations in
the region.