ANKARA: Turkey Promises not to Open Armenian Border until NK Solved

Turkey Promises not to Open Armenian Border until Karabag is Solved

04.13.2004 Tuesday

At the invitation of President Ahmet Necdet Sezer, Azerbaijan
President Ilham Aliyev is in Turkey for a two-day official
visit. Speaking to Zaman before the visit, Aliyev told ZAMAN before
the visit that Turkey has promised not to open the Armenian border
until the Mountainous Karabag problem is solved. He said the reaction
of the Azeri people has stemmed from the latest statements made by
American officials. Aliyev said that the promise given by Ankara is
enough for him, saying, “our power is our union.” The Azerbaijan
President stressed that he would maintain a policy of mutual
relations. Aliyev noted that they wanted Ankara to be a mediator for
the problem in Karabag, but said the Armenian side would need to

Aliyev called on Turkish businessmen to investment, noting that
Turkish high

schools have trained qualified people for Azerbaijan’s future. He

“As President of the country, I want these high schools to continue
their activities”. Aliyev said the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline would be
completed on time, Aliyev added that Kazakhstan also wanted to join in
on the project.

President Aliyev thanked Zaman newspaper for its decent press policies
that have

brought the two countries closer together.

Aliyev’s first visit as President is significant as it is taking place
amongst rumors in Azerbaijan that Turkey will open its doors to

04.13.2004 Enes Cansever Baku