Coalition Refuses to Take Part in Three-Day Session of Parliament


YEREVAN, APRIL 12. ARMINFO. The representatives of the ruling
coalition of Armenia motivated their refusal to take part in the
current three-day session of the National Assembly by that they want
to prevent the possible confrontation between the supporters of the
opposition and pro-power forces. Representatives of the ruling
coalition told the journalists today. According to them, today
procession of the opposition up Baghramyan avenue, where the
parliament and the residence of the president are situated, may create
pre-requisites for skirmish between the participants of the procession
and supporters of the ruling coalition, who may come to the building
of the parliament.

Talking to journalists the Vice Speaker of the parliament, member of
the Bureau of the party ARF Dashnaktsutiun Vahan Hovhannisian again
stressed that the requirement of the opposition to include in the
agenda the bill on making amendments to the law on referendum, is not
acceptable for the ruling coalition. “The coalition’s refusing to
take part in the current three-day session of the parliament is not
connected at all with this issue. The representatives of the ruling
coalition have the right not to take part in the sittings of the
parliament just as the representatives of the other parliamentary
forces”, the vice speaker said. At the same time Vahan Hovhannisian
stressed that the ruling coalition is ready to sit down at the
negotiation table with the opposition to discuss the internal
political situation.

Talking to ARMINFO, Chairman of the deputy group “People’s deputy”
Karen Karapetian considered unwarrantable the refusal of the coalition
to take part in the sittings of the National Assembly. According to
him, the internal political situation in the republic is not so
strained in order to resort to such extreme measures. The leader of
the deputy group expressed an opinion that one of the reasons for the
refusal of the ruling coalition is that the agenda of this three-day
session includes only 13 questions, which may be concluded during one

Karen Karapetian pointed out that the ruling coalition and other
parliamentary forces have their share of fault in that the opposition
has taken such a irreconcilable position. The deputy thinks that the
ruling majority of the parliament could not find bearings and
elaborate a right tactics of work with the opposition. “We must sit
down at the negotiations table, as no one of the sides can be a
winner, and the whole people will be the loser”, Karen Karapetian
said. According to him, even in the case of reaching power in the
antagonistic situation the opposition cannot change the situation in
the country fundamentally, and the republic will appear in permanent
process of elections and change of power. Karen Karapetian stressed
that in the presence of quorum the deputy group “People’s deputy” is
ready to take part in the three-day session of the parliament. The
leader of the faction of the United labour party Gurgen Arsenian on
behalf of the faction also expressed readiness to take part in the
three-day session of the parliament.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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