Team Reporting Project for Journalists

Team Reporting Project for Journalists
Project start date: 1st of May

Project duration: 10 days

Location: Yerevan and various regions of Armenia.

Media Diversity Institute (MDI) accepts applications from journalists for
participation in a ten-day team reporting project for journalists to report
and write joint feature stories under the supervision of outside team
leaders. The resulting stories will be printed or broadcast by all media
organizations involved, in identical versions, as agreed on by the team.
Journalists who currently work for mainstream media in Armenia and write on
or are interested in developing their writing on issues related to diversity
(ethnic minorities, religion, disability, marginalized and socially
disadvantaged groups etc) are eligible to apply. MDI encourages applicants
from the regions to apply for the workshop.

The project will take place on May 1st to May 12th. All the costs related to
participation are covered by organizers of the event.

The participating journalists will also be paid a participation fee to
compensate for the time away from their media outlets.

Application procedures:

Applicants are required to submit:

– Short cover letter explaining your interest in participating in the
– Print journalists are also required to submit 2 samples of their stories
on diversity issues.

Please, submit your applications to MDI Country Coordinator in Armenia,
Artur Papyan at [email protected] or call (01) 53-00-67.

Application deadline: April 23rd.

About copmpany:
The Media Diversity Institute (MDI) is a London-based charitable
organization specializing in media training. It is currently implementing a
three-year project in the South Caucasus, working with the media, journalism
schools and local NGOs. The project aims to create deeper public
understanding of diversity, minority groups and human rights. For additional
information about MDI and available resources, please, refer to