BAKU: Turkey not to open border without Azerbaijan consent – Min.

Turkey not to open Armenian border without Azerbaijan’s consent – minister

ANS TV, Baku
10 Apr 04

[Presenter] [Visiting] Turkish State Minister Besir Atalay has said
that without Azerbaijan’s consent, Turkey will not open its borders
with Armenia.

[Atalay in Turkish] In relations with Armenia, Turkey never forgets
Azerbaijan’s interests. Our foreign minister proposed that meetings be
held between the Azerbaijani, Armenian foreign ministers and Turkey to
discuss these issues.

We will never discuss any issues with Armenia without Azerbaijan’s
involvement. Our government wants to build peaceful relations with all
our neighbours and to discuss the existing problems.

[An unspecified correspondent] Do you want to say that Turkey can take
a decision only after Azerbaijan gives consent.

[Atalay] Yes, Azerbaijan’s interests will be taken into account in
taking decisions.

As you know, esteemed President Ilham Aliyev is coming to Ankara on 13
April. These issues will be discussed there. I cannot add anything
else to that.