Opp. leader says “civilized authorities” to come to power in Armenia

Opposition leader says “civilized authorities” to come to power in Armenia

8 Apr 04


The authorities will be replaced in Armenia even if only 10 people
join the 9 April opposition demonstration, Artashes Gegamyan, leader
of the National Unity Party, told a joint news conference of the
Justice bloc and the National Unity Party at the Armenian National
Assembly today.

According to him, Armenian President Robert Kocharyan has to show
common sense and resign a day or two after the opposition
demonstration because there is no alternative to changing the
authorities in Armenia.

“The longer the authorities delay the issue of resignation, the more
tragic the outcome will be for them,” Gegamyan said.

According to him, after Robert Kocharyan’s resignation, “civilized
authorities” will be formed in Armenia and improve the republic’s
image in the international arena. He said that after coming to power,
the opposition forces would use their election programmes to develop a
common plan to take the republic out of the current crisis. The
National Unity leader expressed his confidence that the opposition
would hold free and fair elections in the republic.

“Of course, Robert Kocharyan’s supporters will be protesting, but
those will be ‘cries in a desert’,” Gegamyan said.

The leader of the Antrapetutyun Party and former mayor of Yerevan,
Albert Bazeyan, said the international community should not interfere
in the political developments in Armenia and remain neutral. According
to him, the international community should only facilitate Armenia’s
democratic development.