Mek Azg: “Whole Nation Should Fight Against Witnesses of Jehovah”


Arminfo, Yerevan

YEREVAN, APRIL 7. ARMINFO. The whole nation should fight against the
religious sect “Witnesses of Jehovah” who tear down the national ideology in
Armenia. Leader of the party “Mek azg” Gor Tamazian declared during the
press conference in Yerevan.

Referring to official data, he informed that there are about 20,000
representatives of this sect, though according to non-official data their
number reaches 70,000. Armenia ranks the second among the CIS countries
regarding the number of registered representatives of the sect “Witnesses of
Jehovah”, the leader of the party mentioned. Tamazian stressed that the
actions of this sect and their agitation negatively influences the
spirituality and mentality of involved persons.

State bodies and the Armenian Apostolic Church show inactivity in the issue
of prohibition of the activities of this sect and other sects which act in
the country. Tamazian declared that on behalf of the party and Armenian
Nationalist front appeals the wide society and representatives of the of the
power to amalgamate in the joint struggle and legally to defend the country
from “false” spirituality and sectarianism. Tamazian mentioned that on Apr
18 the members of the parties, which form the Armenian nationalist front,
will organized a procession along the streets of the capital with slogans
against the sectarianism, in particular, against the official registration
of the sect “Witnesses of Jehovah”.