History’s Lesson: The Defenseless Are in Peril

April 08, 2004

History’s Lesson: The Defenseless Are in Peril

Posted by Dennis Campbell

It has been 10 years since bloodthirsty Hutus in Rwanda
massacred nearly one million rival Tutsis. Of course, someone might
say, that was in Africa, renowned for its savagery, and could never
happen in America.

And perhaps he would be right. We enjoy the many freedoms and
rights and privileges that come with our tradition of Western
civilization. Yes, that culture, propagated by those Dead White
Males so despised by the inhabitants of the political left, that is
routinely disparaged by the bozos, buffoons and bullies
indoctrinating your kids whose college tuition is draining your bank

The proclivity of humans toward slaughtering those who are
different – culturally, religiously, politically – is historically

In December 1937, invading Japanese soldiers began the
infamous Rape of Nanking, China, that ended with the death of more
than 350,000 Chinese.

On November 9, 1938, Nazi Brownshirts in Adolf Hitler’s
Germany began a two-day rampage called Kristallnacht, or Night of
Broken Glass, during which scores of German Jews were murdered, a
thousand synagogues burned and tens of thousands Jews arrested and
sent to concentration camps.

In 1915, Turkish Muslims (adherents to the ”religion of
peace”) butchered between one million and two million Armenians.

More recently, hundreds of thousands of civilians in Bosnia
and Croatia were killed in that region’s notorious ”ethnic

This could go on ad infinitum, and the question arises, ”What
is the point?”

The point is this: The unfortunates cataloged above had no
means of self-defense. In short, they had no guns.

Where I live, in the Southwestern portion of America, when a
bad guy comes to take my home, kill me and my family and commit
atrocities against us, he is likely to be dissuaded when confronted
by the barrel of my 12-gauge shotgun.

But after Adolf Hitler disarmed Germans, how were they able to
defend themselves? When unarmed Tutsis were attacked by Hutus, how
were they to defend themselves? When helpless Chinese citizens were
set upon by Japanese soldiers, how were they to defend themselves?

With this in mind, any American with the brains God gave a
fruit fly should fight hammer and tong against the efforts by the
left to disarm the populace.

We should fight against registering guns, because registered
guns become confiscated guns.

We should fight against limits on magazine capacity, just as
the Bedouin fights against the camel’s nose under the tent.

This is a war, one that must be waged unrelentingly and with

The left will couch its rhetoric in emotion and

We will be told that thousands of children die every year
because of guns – a lie and a bizarre manipulation of data that
classifies a 24-year-old South Central Los Angeles gang member as a

We will be told that the higher the incidence of gun
ownership, the higher the incidence of crime – a lie that has been
refuted by myriad studies definitively proving that high gun
ownership means lower crime rates.

At the same time, we will be denied vital information by a
leftist news media that uses its power to control the dissemination
of information to influence an issue where it stands clearly in the

We will not be told that when guns were confiscated in England
and Australia, violent crime increased dramatically.

We will not be told of the thousands of incidents in which a
gun was used by a law-abiding citizen to thwart a crime.

We will not be told that our Founders, who wrote the Second
Amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing our right to bear arms,
were solidly in favor of private gun ownership.

Why this relentless effort to disarm America? It has nothing
to do with the safety of our children or the fight against crime. It
has everything to do with a political philosophy that, contrary to
the principles undergirding the founding of America, believes in less
freedom for you and me, not more, and desires a citizenry that can be
controlled and manipulated.

It is a philosophy that has overtaken a party that calls
itself ”Democratic,” but is not, a party that is a twisted
distortion of what it once was, unrecognizable to Democrats of a
half-century ago.

The man who threatens me and the man who would disarm me have
the same goal in mind: A desire to deprive me of life, liberty and

We should fear both, but there is a common-sense way to
approach each of them: Shoot the former, and vote against the latter.

For freedom’s sake.

Dennis Campbell is a freelance writer and former newspaper reporter
and editor. He resides in New Mexico and receives e-mail at:
[email protected].