“Tourism & rest ArmITT-2004” exhibition held in Yerevan

April 8 2004


YEREVAN, APRIL 8, ARMENPRESS: Armenian EXPO.com has initiated an
exhibition “Tourism and Rest ARMITT-2004” which is held at the Cinema
House in Yerevan on April 7-10. The exhibition aims to unveil the
potentials of Armenian tourism markets, emphasize the role of tourism
in the economic development of the country and contribute to a
growing interest to Armenia thus fostering investment and new
employment places.
Armenian deputy minister of trade and economic development Ara
Petrosian noted that these are the first steps and this exhibition is
going to become a tradition increasing in geography and supported by
the Armenian government. “Tourism is at an irreversible and dynamic
stage of its development in Armenia,” the deputy minister noted. The
statistics indicate that in the coming years it will keep on
developing as dynamically, he added. Some 30 per cent rise is
registered in this field as compared to the data of 2002. The deputy
minister expects similar growth in the coming year. Much should be
done in promotion activities and assistance programs while this event
serves particularly to those aims, the deputy minister said.
He also stressed the role of the private sector and stated that
“it is capable to record successes and attract tourists to Armenia in
the conditions of serious competition in the international market.”
A. Petrosian also expressed his gratitude to the diplomatic agencies
present at the meeting stressing that tourism has a great potential
in Armenia.
The deputy tourism minister of Lebanon Antoine Issa El Quirin
congratulated all the participants. He expressed his happiness for
this inaugural event and added that the historical backgrounds of
both Armenia and Lebanon allow to say that such events and tourism
will become a tradition.
Moscow office head of Armenian EXPO.com Hovhannes Khachatrian who
also supervises the current exhibition said that more than two dozens
Armenian and one Lebanese company participate in the event. For the
coming year, there are five applications received from Cyprus. An
international conference titled “Domestic Tourism: Problems and
Challenges,” another round table are also expected. At the end of the
event, the companies named as the best in 11 categories will receive
honor certificates.
The exhibition was officially supported by Armenian foreign
ministry, ministry of trade and economic development and
Interregional Internet-Commercial Net.