“Movement-88” unification around state building

Azat Artsakh, Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
April 6, 2004


On April 2 the founders of the new public-political organization
“Movement-88” member of parliament Edward Aghabekian and candidate of
sciences in physics and mathematics Gagik Baghunts gave a press
conference. At the beginning of the press conference it was mentioned
that in the current political situation Karabakh is facing the problem
of to be or not to be. In order to survive, live and develop we need
to mobilize all our material, mental and spiritual potential to build
a self-sufficient democratic state. Edward Aghabekian mentioned that
the new organization will neither be opposition, nor support the
authorities. “We will raise problems; whether these will coincide with
the opinion of the government, or not, is not our problem,” said
E. Aghabekian. Nevertheless, the organization will be nominated at the
parliamentary elections in 2005. The participants of the movement say,
with our foreign problems we must have a strong civil state. As ways
of achieving this Gagik Baghunts mentioned transparency and balance
between the power branches, adoption of the new Constitution,
reconsideration of the manpower policy, development of the economy
based on investment of high technologies. According to E. Aghabekian,
the Constitution must clearly distinguish the duties of the power
branches. E. Aghabekian characterized the authorities as an elite
specialized in illegal economic activities. According to the
participants of the movement, economic development in Karabakh is
obvious but there is a problem with its even distribution. “Economic
polarization causes loss of human capital. We say everyone should be
equal before the army and before the law,” said E. Aghabekian. During
the press conference the problem of Karabakh was also touched upon.
E. Aghabekian mentioned that it is time for Armenia and Karabakh to
clearly outline their relationships and confirm the independence of
NKR. As to the home political situation in Armenia, the members of the
movement said they do not want to deal with these processes. E.
Aghabekian said, Karabakh must enter dialogue with Azerbaijan on a
horizontal plain. He thinks that we must live, develop and build a
state not overlooking the outer threat. The founding group will soon
publish the program of the organization. Then the founding meeting
will take place and the organization will be registered. During the
press conference the leader of the National-Democratic Party Murad
Petrossian announced that the party is declaring itself member of the
“Movement-88”. He mentioned that the principles declared by the
founders of the movement – correct manpower policy, rule of law and
public control – are close to his heart. The members of “Movement-88”
promised to meet regularly with the mass media.