Military actions not profitable for Armenia

Azat Artsakh, Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
April 4, 2004


In his interview to the Baku newspaper “Echo” the chairman of the
Helsinki Association Mikael Danielian announced that the authorities
of Armenia have no way out in solving problems with the opposition but
to resume military actions with Azerbaijan. In the announcement it is
even mentioned that the military actions in the conflict area will be
resumed in April. Several days after the publication M. Danielian
appeared in hospital after an assault. In this reference the chairman
of the NKR National Assembly committee of foreign relationships Vahram
Atanessian mentioned that such announcements are based upon
suppositions and personal opinions on the home political tensions. He
mentioned that the resumption of the military actions is possible as
long as the conflict is not settled. On the other hand, the
destabilization of the situation is unreal on the part of the Armenian
authorities. He proves this opinion by two circumstances: first, any
destabilization arouses a more uncontrollable situation, and second,
if Yerevan officially declares war, it will have to assume the
responsibility for today’s situation as well, which is
favourable for Baku. That is to say, the authorities of Armenia do not
need the resumption of the military actions. According to V.
Atanessian, neither the government, nor the opposition of Armenia use
the whole potential of the dialogue. “Even if there is serious
disaccord between the government and the opposition of Armenia, there
exist constitutional ways of settling it,” mentioned V. Atanessian,
supposing that in the upcoming months a buffer force will form in
Armenia, which will undertake the responsibility of starting dialogue
between the government and the opposition. Commenting on the mentioned
announcement, the coordinator of the Karabakh non-governmental
organization “Helsinki Undertaking 92” Karen Ohanjanian said that in
the current situation it is almost impossible to solve any home and
foreign problem through military ways, as any disruption of the
maintained balance may bring about sad consequences for the
breaker. According to K. Ohanjanian, judging by the results of the
OSCE Minsk Group monitoring, at the Karabakh-Azerbaijani border
nothing prompts about preparations for starting military actions. As
to the accident with Mikael Danielian, K. Ohanjanian appeals to the
government of Armenia to start a serious prosecution involving the
public representatives. “The protector of human rights is the face of
the state. If something similar takes place, it means the country is
approaching a dangerous line,” said K. Ohanjanian.