BAKU: Azeri MPs sceptical about opening of Turkish-Armenian border

Azeri MPs sceptical about opening of Turkish-Armenian border

ANS TV, Baku
2 Apr 04

Presenter Azerbaijani MPs do not want to believe that Turkey may open
its border with Armenia.

Correspondent over footage of Istanbul, Yerevan Reports on the opening
of the border and the establishment of diplomatic relations between
Turkey and Armenia have caused serious anxiety by the Azerbaijani
public. MPs are divided over this issue. Some assess the opening of
the border with Armenia as an attempt to justify the Armenian
aggression, while others do not believe that this may happen. The MPs
also spoke about the damage that the opening of the border could
inflict on Azerbaijan.

MP Alimammad Nuriyev This may have negative repercussions for
Azerbaijan. In fact, Armenia will get a second life, considerably
improve its economy and continue its aggression. This will hinder the
settlement of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagornyy Karabakh conflict.

MP Qudrat Hasanquliyev This may considerably hinder the settlement of
the Karabakh conflict. If the Turkish government adopts such a
decision, this government will not be able to stay in power in Turkey.

MP Mais Safarli The opening of the border with Armenia runs counter to
the interests of Azerbaijan and Turkey in the first place. Regardless
of who is in power in Turkey, no government will take such a step.

MP Fazail Ibrahimli If Turkey opens its border, Azerbaijan will lose
the chance to solve the problem peacefully.

Correspondent However, some MPs believe that Turkey will not yield to
the pressure of international organizations and some countries. Thus,
the idea of opening the border will not materialize.

MP Zahid Oruc I believe that the idea of opening the border is a
provocation, although Turkish officials have also expressed such an
idea. But I am confident that this will not happen.

MP Mikayil Mirza They will not influence the Turkish government. This
idea has been simply put forward in order to keep the issue in the
focus of attention and to revitalize it.

MP Mubariz Qurbanli I do not believe in the opening of the
Armenian-Turkish border.

MP Baxtiyar Aliyev Armenia has territorial claims to Turkey, there is
also the issue of the so-called Armenian genocide. I do not believe
that the Armenian-Turkish border may open until these issues are

Correspondent The final conclusion drawn by the MPs is that fraternal
Turkey will not remain indifferent to Azerbaijan’s fate.