Karabakh Scientist – international academy member

Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
April 1, 2004


Recently the title of academician of the International Academy of
Health and Ecology was conferred on the professor at Artsakh State
University, candidate of sciences in veterinary medicine Aramayis
Aghassian. A. Aghassian deserved the attention of the international
academy due to working as reporter to the journal of the academy for
more than 3 years, as well as many of his works published abroad and
his 5 books. On the basis of work already done he is going to defend
his doctoral thesis. Of the surveys conducted by A. Aghassian we were
especially interested in his research on the blood groups of the
people of Karabakh and the hemodynamic rates of physical growth of
children, teenagers and young people. The findings of his research
show that the rates of the growth of a large part of our children are
lower the standards, the improvement of which requires social and
other types of interference.