British granting organizations to Karabakh rewspaper

Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
April 1, 2004


The editor of the Caucasian project of IWPR Tom de Vaal said in his
interview to the newspaper “AA” that he had arrived in Stepanakert
follow the preparation of the first issue of the new Karabakh public
newspaper “Demo” funded by the International Foundation. Tom de Vaal
is a non-formal mediator between the British granting organizations
and the newspaper. Besides the materials on Karabakh “Demo” will
publish information on other countries of the Caucasian region as
well. According to the British journalist, in Karabakh there is
deficit of information on the entire region. Besides, Tom de Vaal
thinks, the new newspaper will become the first sign of a healthy
society in Karabakh. He also mentioned that everything will be done to
make the newspaper popular among readers. The coordinator of the
Caucasian project of the IWPR mentioned, that the British consortium
of non-governmental organizations also intends funding programs in
Azerbaijan. Tom de Vaal is the author of the book on Karabakh “Black
Garden”. During the past eight years he has visited Karabakh 10 times.