“A1+” TV Company Will Resume Broadcasting This Year

A1 Plus | 15:01:44 | 31-03-2004 | Social |


“Banning “A1+” TV Company from broadcasting area is not just ceasing that TV
Company. It is much more. It means that there is a speech freedom problem in
Armenia”, Nikol Pashinyan, Editor-in-Chief of “Armenian Times” Daily
announced at the press conference of “Speech Freedom Support” Fund.

He added that the rally and the march on April 2 will be not only for “A1+”
TV Company defense but also for speech freedom in general.

SFSF member advocate Avetiq Ishkhanyan accused the public: “We all are to
blame for “A1+” cessation. We tolerated it and “A1+” has been out of air for
2 years”.

Another attorney, Vardan Harutyunyan said that by banning “A1+” speech
freedom in Armenia was restricted.

Ex-Editor of “Ayb-Fe” Daily Vasak Darbinyan confirmed the standpoint that
stopping “A1+” was of political reasons. “Aravot” Daily Editor-in-Chief Aram
Abrahamyan said that there is no politics in the measures on April 2.

Tigran Ter-Esayan, Chair of International Union of Advocates, talked about
2-year-long legal procedures “A1+” was involved in to gain administration of
justice. But justice can be expected only from the European Court of Human
Rights, he said. He added that there are 2 applications there and extra 2
will be sent by May. It will become clear in April whether “A1+” claim will
be put under jurisdiction or not.

The conference participants announced irrespective of Municipality decision
and “persuasions” of law-enforcement bodies, Fund will conduct the rally and
the march.

“A1+” TV Company Chair Mesrop Movsesyan said that the measure is as well of
symbolic character. He wants to prove all those who think “A1+” staff to be
dispersed that it is entire and no one has left. Just the operating
personnel found temporary jobs.

“We will work as long as the staff exists”, Mesrop Moveseyan says.

The organizers of April 2 measure announced that they will do their best to
achieve resuming “A1+” broadcasting.

“A1+” is to be opened by public demand”, Avetiq Ishkhanyan said.

For that purpose Edik Baghdasaryan, Chair of Investigating Journalists’
Association, called upon the journalistic society to partake in the measure.