Stepan Demirchyan – It Is Impossible to Fight Against Own People

A1 Plus | 16:26:34 | 29-03-2004 | Politics | author: Diana Markosyan |


Q: Mr Demirchyan, just yesterday Artashes Geghamyan expressed disagreement
over the deadlines fixed by “Justice” Bloc. How did it turn possible to come
to terms within a day?.

A: I don’t find it expedient to talk about the process. The result is more
important that we have now – the statement was made.

Q: The English analysts stated that no Rose Revolution will take place since
the Opposition heads are busy with the leader issue and don’t unite. The
leader issue seems to be out of agenda now. Can one say that power change is

A: Power change and restoration of the constitutional order are public
demand. Realizing responsibility both “Justice” Bloc and “National Unity”
combine the efforts, and the process started long ago when the statement was
made in Parliament. Power change is a social demand and it will be carried
out no matter what various analysts say. As to leader issue, people are to
decide it as no one can become a leader by wish or artificially.

Q: Will the Opposition leaders appear separately or by one common candidate
during the elections after the power change?

A: Let’s not to outstrip the developments.

Q: At the interview with us Serj Sargssyan threatened Opposition with
extermination and to involve Army “to protect the social order”. What’s your
point of view over this?

A: Under the Constitution, the task of the Army is providing security to the
state and not protection of the social order. So, Army can’t interfere in
the home political events. Besides, I am sure neither the law-enforcement
bodies nor Army will ever step against people. But even if there are people
who can act so, they must realize that they will be called to account.

Q: How do you comment on urgent appointments and relieves by Robert

A: Authorities are getting prepared for the expected processes that way. But
it is senseless to await some results by just settling cadre problems.
Authorities must understand that it is impossible to fight against own