Discussion of The New Labor Code

A1 Plus | 19:15:53 | 25-03-2004 | Social |


Justice Ministry has today initiated an open discussion the new Labor Code.

“Armenian Labor Code was elaborated in 1972. It was amended in 1996 and
doesn’t correspond to the present life. A bill on labor code was worked. It
is now discussed in Parliament. There were many suggestions over it. It is
important to cause the public to be informed about it”, Justice Deputy
Minister Tigran Mukuchyan said.

Making a working contract with each employee was added in the new Code.

Under the Code, children over 16 can work, 14-16-year-old children can work
at agreement of the parents, and the children up to 14 are forbidden to work
at all.

According to Code, labor time makes 40 hours weekly, for 14-16-year-old
children 24 hours weekly, and 36 hours per week for 16-18-year-old ones.

Labor legislation applies to the citizens of Armenia, foreign citizens, and
juridical persons. It doesn’t apply to servicemen and the citizens in
correctional facilities.