Did Opposition Unite?

A1 Plus | 14:07:49 | 25-03-2004 | Politics |


After long negotiations Opposition took a decisive step to unite. “Justice”
Bloc and “National Unity” made a statement to act jointly. Here we represent
the statement.

“Justice” Bloc and “National Unity” Party undertake the responsibility to
head the processes directed to meeting the nationwide demands, i.e.,
elimination of the illegal regime, establishment of the constitutional order
in the Republic of Armenia and the lawful power. For that purpose both parts
reconciled to together hold a public disobedience rally not later than April
13. The meeting term will be announced on April 5. That day “Justice” Bloc
and “National Unity” will appear with a joint statement.

We reconfirm our resoluteness to fight up to power change is carried out in
the country.